Techno-Entrepreneurship Capital Support Project Proposal Preparation Training, 10 February 2015

Applications for the Techno-Entrepreneurship Capital Support brought up by the Science, Industry, and Technology Ministry, which aims to provide core capital for young entrepreneurs with new and innovative business ideas in order for them to transform it into high-value undertakings, will be on 02 February 2015 – 20 February 2015 in the R&D portal:  Students in formal education in a university with one year left for graduation, masters or doctorate students, or those whose degrees in masters or doctorates do not pass the pre application date by five years. To this end, Istanbul University Technology Transfer Application and Research Center will hold Techno-Entrepreneurship Capital Support Project Proposal Preparation Training.

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Time and Date of Training

10 February 2015, 13:30-16:00

Training Location:

İstanbul TTM Eğitim Salonu


İstanbul Üniversitesi Avcılar Yerleşkesi ARGEM Binası 1. Kat PK 34320 Avcılar / İstanbul

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