Industry Cooperation


Istanbul TTC strengthens the relationship between Industry and University. It has been organized in order to feed (supply), renew, and restructure stakeholders and most importantly to create the transformation that will provide the expected international competition in industry. In this regard, Istanbul TTC, by creating an important platform, provides, in unison with the industry partners, the necessary knowledge transfer in intelligent and collective priority areas in particular. In order to transform the university research results into products, Istanbul TTC, by bringing the researchers and the industry together and providing the interaction between industry and university for industry needs,   serves as the interface between university and industry. In terms of project and cooperation development activities, Istanbul TTC, ensures result-oriented work by conducting requirement and business analysis and establishing strategic relations in six priority areas and provides the means for the planning and budgeting of projects by creating common mind platforms. In this way, the realization of the process management for Research and Product Development activities can be attained by documenting the parties’ duties, responsibilities, and the process regarding commitments. One of Istanbul TTC’s primary objectives is to attain a position that predicts trends and even creates trends in the Impact Analysis Management by making the necessary follow-up and evaluations.

Module 3 Project Development/Management Services(University-Industry Cooperation Management) Work Flow

Module 3 Project Development/Management Services(University-Industry Cooperation Management) Diagram

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