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As a unit tasked with being an interface within the strategic roadmap, Istanbul TTM, on the condition that it informs its internal and external stakeholders of its activity areas, will ensure that it becomes a center of attraction among its internal and external stakeholders by increasing its regional, national, and international recognition. The principal aim in this process is to continuously inform the stakeholders of Istanbul TTM’s achievements and activities by using all the media channels in one-to-one and public levels and in this regard, work to ensure that the internal and external stakeholders become more result-oriented, efficient, and proficient by increasing their selectivity of perception. Apart from awareness, publicity, and briefing, Istanbul TTC, by using all the opportunities presented by the information age especially in accordance with the internal and external activities of the stakeholders, ensures that they receive purpose-oriented training and thereby be in a position to create value for TTC activities.

Module 1 Awareness, Promotion, Information and Training Services Work Flow

 Module 1 Awareness, Promotion, Information and Training Services Diagram

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