What Does TTC Do?

Istanbul Technology Transfer Application and Research Center, TTC in short, aims to transform knowledge into new and competitive products and the creation of added value, transfer it to the industry, and commercialize it to increase the number of licensable patents by collecting the accumulation of science, technology transfer and innovation accumulation of the University within the framework of a central body. To this end, TTC aims to increase the technological and innovative research and development capabilities of public and private sector establishments.

By providing the technology transfer in the individual, corporate, regional, national, and international level with its activities, Istanbul TTC, acts to increase the competitiveness of the state in the international field by contributing to enriching the knowledge accumulation, strengthening technology development, and creating a technology development and innovation culture.

The main sections of Istanbul TTC’s activities are as follows:


Awareness, Publicity, Briefing and Training Management

As a unit tasked with being an interface within the strategic roadmap, Istanbul TTM, on the condition that it informs its internal and external stakeholders of its activity areas, will ensure that it becomes a center of attraction among its internal and external stakeholders by increasing its regional, national, and international recognition. The principal aim in this process is to continuously inform the stakeholders of Istanbul TTM’s achievements and activities by using all the media channels in one-to-one and public levels and in this regard, work to ensure that the internal and external stakeholders become more result-oriented, efficient, and proficient by increasing their selectivity of perception. Apart from awareness, publicity, and briefing, Istanbul TTC, by using all the opportunities presented by the information age especially in accordance with the internal and external activities of the stakeholders, ensures that they receive purpose-oriented training and thereby be in a position to create value for TTC activities.


Support Programs Management

As a unit tasked with being an interface within the strategic roadmap, Istanbul TTM, ensures that the internal and external stakeholders apply, manage and finalize their projects by informing them of national and international grant programs. However, just informing, applying, managing, and finalizing isn’t enough. What is important is to act proactively, and create common intelligence platforms by creating a network between the target group within and outside the institution in order to increase the number of projects in the framework of TTC activities; thus, make progress by keeping pairing and group forming ability in itself. Istanbul TTC creates a Project Support unit that extracts a profile within academics, researchers, doctorates, graduate and undergraduate students especially in six areas by means of Strategic Capability Management, analyses the data by adding it to a Large Data Management, and is able to directs trends with Impact Analysis that is able to anticipate the needs of the age


University Industry Cooperation Management

Istanbul TTC strengthens the relationship between Industry and University. It has been organized in order to feed (supply), renew, and restructure stakeholders and most importantly to create the transformation that will provide the expected international competition in industry. In this regard, Istanbul TTC, by creating an important platform, provides, in unison with the industry partners, the necessary knowledge transfer in intelligent and collective priority areas in particular. In order to transform the university research results into products, Istanbul TTC, by bringing the researchers and the industry together and providing the interaction between industry and university for industry needs,   serves as the interface between university and industry. In terms of project and cooperation development activities, Istanbul TTC, ensures result-oriented work by conducting requirement and business analysis and establishing strategic relations in six priority areas and provides the means for the planning and budgeting of projects by creating common mind platforms. In this way, the realization of the process management for Research and Product Development activities can be attained by documenting the parties’ duties, responsibilities, and the process regarding commitments. One of Istanbul TTC’s primary objectives is to attain a position that predicts trends and even creates trends in the Impact Analysis Management by making the necessary follow-up and evaluations.


Intellectual Property Rights and Licensing Management

Istanbul TTC takes an active role in the creation of a suitable environment for increasing the number of innovations, creating the required structures for protecting intellectual property, and commercializing the innovations. Due to the shortening of the product cycle in today’s technology, Istanbul TTM, aims to increase the value and number of patents by patenting in strategic areas. Thus, by providing financial input and using its position as a client, Istanbul TTC, realizes the licensing process in itself and ensures that the companies attract local and foreign investors just like the Silicon Valley.

When creating a series of patents that can be licensed and trademarked, Istanbul TTC creates a platform that makes a difference especially on priority areas along with Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights and Licensing. The system was established to ensure its consumption within itself by increasing the number of patents to be licensed in priority areas in a smart, proactive and coordinated manner. The main purpose is to increase the potential of academics and students to quickly establish a sustainable company with licensable patents. In this regard, one of the main purposes is the establishment of a transparent and fair system and to give 70% in the invention revenue share to the inventor.


Entrepreneurship and Commercialization Management

Istanbul TTC wants to ensure the creation of profitable and sustainable establishments that will make a difference and create value in the variable global business world of today. In this regard, Istanbul TTC is inclined to encourage students, researchers, academics, and stakeholders in the target audience and attract investors with the opportunities of pre-incubation and incubation periods. Istanbul TTC, aims to increase the revenue and profitability ratios by increasing investments in strategic areas. By protecting the intellectual rights in the process of converting innovative ideas and competitively superior innovations into commercial value, Istanbul TTC supports internal and external stakeholders in entrepreneurship and commercialization issues. By means of market research and various business models, Istanbul TTC, in a result-oriented approach, establishes successful and sustainable companies, in particular the companies of the academics, and assists them in finding domestic and foreign partners.

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