How Does TTC Do It?


In order for Istanbul University to be in the top rankings in the Enterprising and Innovative University Index, researchers need to enter in their information to the TUBITAK RESEARCHER INFORMATION SYSTEM. (ARBIS)

Why should I Register?

Researchers that have registered to ARBIS by filling out the Researcher Information Collection Form will initially take place in databases used for different purposes like:

  • Referee and audience pools for project support programs carried out by TUBITAK Research Support Programs Directorate, Technology and Innovation Funding Programs Directorate (TEYDEB)
  • Communication platforms like finding partners, joining discussion forums, receiving and writing messages on the website made by TUBITAK for EU Projects.

It has been planned for ARBIS to be used for the background forms annex of all the support applications to TUBITAK as of 2004 and opened for researcher scanning and inventory work that different institution and establishments will conduct in the future. Thereby, the constant repetition of unchanged information will be prevented and the constant updating of the information will be ensured.

Click here to go to the ARBIS registration system.

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