How does TTC Protect Business Idea?

Istanbul TTC takes an active role in the creation of a suitable environment for increasing the number of innovations, creating the required structures for protecting intellectual property, and commercializing the innovations. Due to the shortening of the product cycle in today’s technology, Istanbul TTM, aims to increase the value and number of patents by patenting in strategic areas. Thus, by providing financial input and using its position as a client, Istanbul TTC, realizes the licensing process in itself and ensures that the companies attract local and foreign investors just like the Silicon Valley.

When creating a series of patents that can be licensed and trademarked, Istanbul TTC creates a platform that makes a difference especially on priority areas along with Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights and Licensing. The system was established to ensure its consumption within itself by increasing the number of patents to be licensed in priority areas in a smart, proactive and coordinated manner. The main purpose is to increase the potential of academics and students to quickly establish a sustainable company with licensable patents. In this regard, one of the main purposes is the establishment of a transparent and fair system and to give 70% in the invention revenue share to the inventor.

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